1. Are You Stressed Out?

    No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, there’s a good chance there’s something that’s stressing you out right now. Even just reading that sentence may have sent shivers down your spine as you remember the thing in your life that tends to keep you up at night. Wheth…Read More

  2. How to Be Kinder to Yourself

    When is the last time you stopped to consider how kind you’re being to yourself? If you’re like most people, it probably hasn’t even crossed your mind in quite some time. Luckily, at Mind and Soul Therapy, we’re here to offer a reminder. As a counseling center that focuses on anxiety and dep…Read More

  3. Are You a New Parent? Here’s How We Can Make Life Easier

    There’s no doubt about it — life as a new parent can be pretty overwhelming? Of course, your little bundle of joy makes it all worth it. Seeing the first little smiles or feeling her tiny fingers close around yours is an indescribable experience that you’re sure to appreciate for many years to…Read More

  4. The Many Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

    At Mind and Soul Therapy, we strive to be the place where Eastern medicine meets Western medicine. Unfortunately, whether you’re from the East or from the West, there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep well. Particularly in the United States, not getting enough sleep is one of the most…Read More

  5. Do You Expect Too Much From Yourself?

    Are you the type of person who makes a mistake and then dwells on it for a little bit too long? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, many people hold themselves to impossibly high standards. Whether it’s a problem that popped up at work or an argument with your partner, sometimes things happen and …Read More

  6. How To Deal With Feeling Overworked

    There is no doubt that having a lot on your plate at work can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s a lot to deal with, and it’s something that countless Americans deal with on a daily basis. Whether the workload at the office is just too much to deal with or you’re working overtime…Read More

  7. Considerations for Joining a New Mom Support Group

    Are you a new mom, or are you preparing to have a baby in the next few months? Motherhood is one of life’s greatest gifts and there is plenty about it to be cherished, for sure. However, it can also be a time of great adjustment for women, which can equate to a lot of stress and anxiety. At Mind &…Read More

  8. What Is Acupuncture Used to Treat?

    Do you know someone who receives regular acupuncture treatments and swears by its effectiveness? Maybe you suffer from a medical condition and you’re curious if you could benefit from this age-old treatment method? Mind & Soul Therapy offers acupuncture treatments in Miami and we would love to…Read More

  9. Searching for an Alternative Treatment for Depression?

    Depression affects millions of people in the United States. If you suffer from the condition, then you understand just how challenging it can be to find an effective treatment that is suited to your individual needs. Here at Mind & Soul Therapy, we recognize that antidepressants are a very effec…Read More