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Net Mind-Body Stress Relief

About Net Mind-Body Stress Relief

When stress from a specific event in your life lingers for years and seeps into your everyday actions and decisions, it’s time to consider Neuro Emotional Technique® (NET) mind-body stress relief. The specialists can restore healthier stress response patterns using NET at Mind & Soul Therapy & Acupuncture in Coral Gables, Florida. Schedule a consultation for NET mind-body stress relief online or over the phone today. 

Net Mind-Body Stress Relief Q&A

What is NET mind-body stress relief?

NET mind-body stress relief is a naturopathic therapy designed to regulate your body’s response to stress. The treatment aims to restore positive stress response patterns by addressing previous negative emotional experiences that cause negative stress responses to this day. 

NET uses muscle testing and somatic responses. It’s more of a physiological treatment than a psychological one. Still, NET can positively change how you respond to stress and triggers in your life. 

Who can benefit from NET mind-body stress relief?

You might benefit from NET mind-body stress relief if you’ve been through some traumatic event that continues to affect your decisions and actions. Stress responses like grief or anger are normal and necessary, but your body can hold onto them for a lifetime if you don’t have adequate support or stress management techniques. 

As a result, your anger or sadness from a past event can also carry into other situations in your life. Even if you don’t mentally make the connection, your mind and body have developed negatively charged stress patterns that manifest automatically. 

For example, you might get butterflies in your stomach or heart palpitations ahead of a public speaking event if you had a bad experience with public speaking in the past. 

If you feel like your stress is taking over your life or affecting your health and relationships, NET may be a suitable choice of therapy. Mind & Soul Therapy & Acupuncture invites you in for a consultation to explore NET and other holistic offerings. 

Can NET mind-body stress relief replace counseling? 

NET mind-body stress relief isn’t the same as counseling or psychotherapy and shouldn’t replace these services within your treatment plan. However, NET may be highly beneficial alongside therapy within a comprehensive treatment plan. 

NET alone doesn’t teach you behavioral changes or coping skills like therapy or counseling. It doesn’t treat your emotions either: It simply regulates your natural physiological stress response. You might also benefit from massage therapy, herbal medicine, and other naturopathic options for stress management. 

To learn more about NET mind-body stress relief and how it applies to your life, call Mind & Soul Therapy & Acupuncture or book a NET consultation online.